Our SaaS Portal will simplify the BPO and CMA process by using a comprehensive and user friendly format. Your personal profile allows the customer to upload contact information and credentials.

Our users can update zip codes of service that are processed daily through an automated system. Notifications are auto-generated when new assignments or tasks are available. We also offer invoicing and encrypted security. All and any tasks can be accepted and completed with industry standard formatting at your fingertips.

Our comprehensive and user friendly portal gives our users the advantage of staying connected with default professionals of all types, Making communication easy, prompt, and convenient. Using our workflow system to keep yourself active and involved with key professionals in the circles of Asset managers, Lenders, Agents, and Vendors that the foreclosure market requires to function.

Our technological capabilities far surpass industry standards. We utilize an automated updating system to increase accuracy and systematic solutions to fit your needs.

At the forefront of technological advances. We are continuously exploring new ideas to increase your default clientele. Our BPO, CMA, Occupancy Check, Bidding and Mortgage Lender portals make task completion, contract bids and other functionality to assist the user simple with their tasks, work orders, and requests.

The approach we take is one that considers the validity and timeliness of services, because time is usually of the essence and our systems are able to help assist you in submitting accurate and time saving features. Instead, Improving accuracy and incorporating features that save time are important features of our product.